SK Web Design

Welcome to the official Schismatick (SK) web development and design page, this is my online responsive portfolio.

It works just fine in every platform: Mobile, Desktop and Tablet!

About me


Hello, my name is Tiago and I do some multimedia works. I've studied web design, coding and some cool applications and I would like to improve your business by building an attractive and modern responsive website.

HTML5 + CSS3 + Jquery

Knowing how to use these three technologies made it possible to transform this site to anything I pleased and it works how I imagined it would.


With this open-source utility I was able to make this website adjust perfectly to any platform it was viewed on. Got to love twitter bootstrap.

PHP + MySql

After setting up a database with MySql the knowledge of the PHP language fascinated me because of all its potential to get the data I needed to make the update dynamic and accessible.


Right here is where you can check out some of my latest and best works, since I began this journey I did a little bit of all these categories and I'm passionate about every single one of them in their one independent way. From the past to the present and open to the changes of the future, here you have it, my portfolio.


Let's work together! Send me a message.